InfectoPharm is Germany’s leading pharmaceutical company for pediatrics

Trust-based partnerships have always been important for the rapid development of InfectoPharm and will remain essential to our continued success. We anticipate further growth through the targeted expansion of our product portfolio and the strategic development of new markets. Accordingly, in-licensing (acquiring new products), and out-licensing (establishing distribution partnerships) are among our highest priorities.

While Europe has been the main focus of our activities over the past five years, InfectoPharm is now pursuing endeavors outside the EU. We are currently focusing on countries with large proportions of children in their population and on regions facing bacterial resistance problems, or where there is a significant medical need for our products in general.

As a partner, InfectoPharm offers:

  • more than 30 years of experience in collaborating with pediatricians
  • established sales and marketing expertise in the field of pediatrics
  • extensive scientific service and support
  • substantial product development and certification expertise, and
  • the ability to quickly seize opportunities.

Partnering with InfectoPharm ensures your access to outstanding products and solid marketing. Scientific expertise regarding our products and their indications is one of our core competencies.



We are looking for therapeutic products that we can further develop and market in Germany and other countries using our extensive sales and marketing infrastructure. In particular, we are interested in products in the following therapeutic areas:

  • pediatrics
  • dermatology
  • allergology
  • respiratory diseases
  • ENT
  • hospital products (esp. antibiotics)


For our high-quality products with unique characteristics, we are looking for distribution partners who collaborate with physicians in the fields of pediatrics, dermatology or pneumology in their local markets.

For our hospital products, we are also interested in distribution partners who can demonstrate a presence and proven expertise in the clinical field.

Meeting the needs

Since the establishment of the company in 1988, InfectoPharm is applying a unique marketing concept. We focus on scientific services and continuing medical-education support instead of a growing sales force of pushing drug company representatives. We believe in building strong relationships of mutual benefit, in face to face communication and in listening closely. Therefore, we know exactly what our customers and partner need and are able to offer tailor-made services and individual solutions.

This is our commitment to our partners who trust in the reliable performance and the future of InfectoPharm.

Products for international distribution

Our product portfolio for international distribution includes the following pediatric and hospital products: prescription and over-the-counter medications (OTC), as well as medical devices. As we have already successfully marketed these products in Germany, we can offer our distribution partners proven marketing concepts and programs, combined with solid scientific support.

Pediatric Product Portfolio

Regulatory Status – Color Code:

Medicinical Product = Medicinal product
Medical Device = Medical device
Cosmetic = Cosmetic

Hostpital Care – Hospital Rx

Color CodeProductAPI/Ingredients
Target Group
Medicinical ProductInfectoFosFosfomycin

Hospital – Intensive Care Units
Skin-/soft tissue infections, osteomyelitis, respiratory infections, meningitis, MRSA, P. aeruginosaUnique antimicrobial spectrum (multiresistant pathogens); Excellent tissue kinetics – Good safety profile; Long time clinical experience in severe infections
Medicinical ProductGernebcinTobramycin

Acute/chronic treatment of cystic fibrosis (CF): inhalative, i.v., i.m. treatment of severe infections caused by gram-negative microbials like nosocomial pneumonia (HAP) and sepsis, endocarditis, meningitisApproved for children < 6 years of age; Highly concentrated form 160 mg/2 ml for short inhalation times; Approved with most common nebulizers
Medicinical ProductAdrenalin
Epinephrinhydrogen tartrat

Hospital – Intensive Care Units
Cardiovascular shutdown/ anaphylactic shockStorage at room temperature (≤ 25°C);
24 months stability without cooling
Medicinical ProductPenicillin G InfectoPharmBenzylpenicillin-Sodium (Penicillin G)

Erysipelas, streptococcal infections, community acquired pneumonia (CAP)Targeted range for resistance prevention; Usage in newborns and infants; Treatment during pregnancy and lactation permitted
Medicinical ProductMupirocin 2 % Nasal OintmentMupirocin calcium 2 %

Eradication of nasal colonization with methicillin-resistant S. aureus in adult patients and healthcare workersMicrobiological effect against staphylococci and streptococci; No in vitro cross-resistance with other classes of antimicrobial agents; High compliance

Paediatric Product RETAIL – OTC

Color CodeProductAPI/Ingredients
Target Group
CosmeticBabybene GelMacadamia/olive/jojoba oils

Natural care for cradle capUnique gel formulation which can be rinsed off with water only; No oily residue
Medical DeviceDimet 20Dimethicone and Dodecanol

Treatment for head licesVery short treatment time: 20 minutes; No resistance; Efficacy proven by in vivo studies
Medical DeviceInfectoDellPotassium hydroxid

Treatment for Molluscum Contagiosum Unique painless treatment; Excellent tolerance; Efficacy proven by trials
Medical DeviceKinderlax w/o electrolytesMacrogol 4000

To relieve constipation in children from 6 months to 12 yearsGentle and effective relief from constipation; More reliable and less side effects than lactulose products; No electrolytes: No taste – can be mixed with juices
Medical device class IIa
CosmeticNeuroderm Basic Skin Care20 % Glycerol

Maintenance treatment in case of atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, ichthyosis, dry and very dry skinExcellent Galenic: fast penetration; Excellent Tolerance: no urea; Price attractive
Medicinical ProductNeuroderm MandelölbadAlmond oil

To improve the moisture and lipid content of the skin while bathing in case of atopic dermatitis and dry conditionsHigher moisturizing action (Floating bath oil); Excellent tolerance, no detergents, no preservatives
CosmeticNeuroderm RepairCeramides/cholesterol/fatty acids 3:1:1 ratio

For acceleration of the skin barrier repairOptimal 3:1:1 ration of ceramides = skin lipif film; Excellent tolerance; Price attractive
Medical DeviceOtodolor ExpressGlycerol

Irritation of the external auditory canal/ otitis externa (e. g. swimmers ear); Alleviates earache with the power of osmosis (Glycerol); Adheres well to the skin, cleans and cares the tissueGentle removal of swelling (Glycerol) & consequently pain; Only local effect; Can be used for prevention (e. g. swimming, diving); Preservative-free; Excellent tolerance: indication from birth
Medical DevicePädiaSalin 0.9 %Sodium Chloride

To enhance expectoration, or mucous removal, from the bronchiolesSterile: 4 ml ready-to-use ampoules; Handy plastic ampoules; Free from preservatives

medical device class Is
Medical DevicePädiaSalin 3 %Sodium Chloride

Increases the mobilisation of secretions in the lower respiratory tract in patients with persistent mucus accumulation (acute bronchiolitis, acute obstructive bronchitis and cystic fibrosis) by osmotic effectsSterile: 4 ml ready-to-use ampoules; Handy plastic ampoules; Free from preservatives

Medical device class IIa

Paediatric Product RETAIL – Rx

Color CodeProductAPI/Ingredients
Target Group
Medical DeviceMupirocin OintmentMupirocin

Topical treatment for primary skin infections (impetigo, folliculitis, furuncolosis) and secondary infectionsProven microbiological effect against staphylococci and streptococci; No in-vitro cross-resistance
Medical DeviceInfectoDexaKruppDexamethasone

Croup: Swelling of the upper respiratory tracts below the glottisFast onset of action (after 10 minutes)
Gentle and precise dosage based on body weight
Evidence based on 15 studies
Medical DeviceInfectoTrimetTrimethoprim

Treatment and prevention of uncomplicated urinary tract infectionsBetter safety profile than sulfamethoxazole combinations
Medical DeviceNaproxen SyrupNaproxen 250 mg/5 ml

Treatment of painful conditions such as arthritis, sprains and strains, backache, period (menstrual) pain and gout pain; Paediatric: juvenile arthritisUnique oral liquid formulation: precise dosing; Only 2 intakes/day; Good taste; Most studies available showing good efficacy, combined with a low incidence of side-effects
Medical DeviceSalbubronch ElixierSalbutamol

Treatment of Bronchitis and AsthmaUnique oral formulation for infants who are not able to use an inhaler device (registered for children from 2 months old); Precise dosing – high compliance
Medical DeviceCapvalNoscapin

Cough suppressantUnique cough suppressant with the effectiveness of opioids without the side effect of narcotic opioids

Retail Others – OTC

Color CodeProductAPI/Ingredients
Target Group
CosmeticLomaherpanMelissa Extract 0.05 g

Treatment of herpes labialisUnique natural antiviral drug; Same efficacy as Aciclovir; No resistance problematic
CosmeticLomaprotectMelissa Extract 0.05 g

Prevention of herpes labialis with SPF 30Natural lip protection with SPF 30
Medical DevicePsoribeneOlive and jojoba oil

Symptomatic treatment for the removal of dandruffs in psoriasis patientsUnique gel formulation which can be rinsed off easily with water only; Without leaving any oily residue; Without any allergic potential

Retail Others – Rx

Color CodeProductAPI/Ingredients
Target Group
Medicinical ProductInfectoScabPermethrin 5 %

GPs in charge of elderly homes/ Dermatologists
Treatment against ScabiesSingle application (overnight); Ease of use; Excellent tolerance (from 2 months old)
Medicinical ProductPendysinBenzylpenicillin-Benzathin + Lidocain

Treatment of chronic disease associated with streptococci (rheumatic fever), Syphilis treatmentFirst choice treatment for syphilis