Reporting of adverse reactions

There are several ways to report adverse reactions (side effects) related to our products:

  • By phone during business hours (8:00-17:00 on business days): +49 (0) 6252 957000
  • By phone outside business hours: +49 (0) 6252 958998
  • By fax: +49 (0) 6252 958852
  • By e-mail:

Please have the following information ready for telephone messages:

  1. Name of the product / preparation
  2. Batch number (Ch.-B. or LOT), if known
  3. Details of the adverse reaction(s)
  4. Information about the patient (age, gender and/or initials)
  5. Name and address of the reporter for possible queries

Medical emergencies

In the case of medical emergencies, we ask patients to contact their doctor or emergency medical service immediately.