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Pursuing unique solutions

InfectoPharm is a medium-sized family-run business that specializes in the development of medications for children. As the leading pediatric pharmaceutical company in Germany, all of our products deliver the added value that patients, physicians and pharmacists have come to expect from us over the past 35 years.

InfectoPharm successfully develops and adapts medically proven active ingredients to meet the distinctive needs of children. This promotes therapy adherence, avoids unwanted therapeutic off-label use and helps young patients to recover faster: InfectoPharm’s unique products are recommended in medical guidelines and are trusted for use in standard therapies. They clearly differ from existing ones in terms of their galenics, potency, dosage or taste.

The vast and diverse German portfolio consists of more than 130 products for a wide range of indications in the fields of dermatology, allergology, respiratory diseases and ENT.

InfectoPharm Building

The InfectoPharm Group is engaged in more than 30 international partnerships and is increasingly expanding into non-EU markets. Subsidiaries of the group in Austria and Italy operate with a selected part of the portfolio. The InfectoPharm Group further consists of two strategically matching German subsidiaries: Pädia GmbH offers a distinct pediatric OTC portfolio with about 25 prescription-free pharmaceuticals and Beyvers GmbH in Berlin is an internationally known full service-supplier for pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

With more than 350 employees, the group generates annual sales of around 250 million euros (2022) and an average growth rate of 15 percent. InfectoPharm regularly receives awards from the medical profession, such as the “Golden Tablet” or currently as “Most Crisis-Proof Employer” from Creditreform.

In 2017, the London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG) listed us as one of 1,000 Companies to Inspire Europe and included us in its annual report on outstanding medium-sized companies in Europe.

Furthermore, InfectoPharm offers an interdisciplinary educational and consulting medical service in Germany. The consilium service brand operates without any commercial interests. It is based on lifelong learning and the sharing of knowledge in an ongoing exchange amongst practitioners, partners and health-care professionals.

Countering bacterial resistance

Infections with resistant germs are a serious issue in hospitals around the globe. A special branch of InfectoPharm is dedicated to developing highly effective antibiotics, thus supporting hospital physicians in antibiotic stewardship and difficult to treat infections. These highly effective antibiotics used in hospitals form an important step toward a more patient-friendly therapy.

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Our consilium service – consulting and training for professionals

The consilium service is at the heart of our company. It provides physicians and other healthcare professionals in Germany with essential consulting and training – at no cost and free of commercial interests.

Through consilium, we offer up to 30 training courses a year for as many as 6,000 participants. The medical content of our training events and the daily documentations exchanged in our consulting services are collected and published in several scientific journals. Both, the training courses and the publications are certified by the respective regional medical associations. Accordingly, physicians can access validated medical content and earn the Continuing Medical Education (CME) points they need to continue to practice in their fields. Every year, 10,000 participants successfully complete the training units included in our consilium publications.

The consilium relies on the expertise of approximately 300 participating physicians and lecturers from the fields of pediatrics, infectiology, dermatology, and allergology – among others. The seminars and congresses are held in cities throughout Germany.

The consilium explicitly promotes an ongoing dialogue between members of various healthcare professions to push new developments together.

Indications – effective medications, not just for children

In recent years we have strategically diversified our national portfolio and now cover the following indications:

  • infectious diseases (InfectoBicilin®)
  • skin diseases (InfectoSoor®)
  • atopic dermatitis (Neuroderm®, SanaCutan®)
  • respiratory diseases (Capval®)
  • asthma (Junik®)
  • allergies (AllergoConjunct®)
  • parasitic infections (Scabioral®)
  • gastrointestinal problems (Babylax®)
  • sleeping disorders of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) or Neuro-Genetic Disorder (Slenyto®)

The indicated products represent others in their respective classes.

Many of our products are also approved for adults and can possibly be made available internationally.

National and international distribution

InfectoPharm primarily operates in Germany. Our key customers include pharmaceutical wholesalers and hospitals. Apart from our core sales market, we have steadily built trust-based international partnerships. Since 2017, we are expanding beyond Europe. As a medium-sized company, InfectoPharm is highly flexible and offers collaboration models that are tailored to our customers’ needs. Unique products (e.g. for the treatment of scabies and dell warts) on the international market account for approximately 10 percent of total sales.

In 2017, a company branch with a strong selection of German core products has been launched in Vienna. Since then, InfectoPharm is rapidly approaching market leadership for pediatrics in Austria as well.

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Economic news

1,000 Companies to Inspire Europe

In 2017, the London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG) listed us as one of 1,000 Companies to Inspire Europe and included us in its annual report on “most dynamic and fast-growing” medium-sized companies in Europe.

To be included in the LSEG report companies must:

  • demonstrate an outstanding compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) calculated over a three-year period (in this case for the years 2013–2015)
  • most outperform their competitors within their country
  • contribute inspiration to a sustainable future Europe.

“And because these companies are highly innovative, the jobs they create tend to be high quality and well paid, helping to boost productivity”, the LSEG reasoned.

“This report is more than just a celebration of these extremely successful companies. It continues to demonstrate what we instinctively know to be true – that these companies are the best hope for future European economic growth and job creation.”

Innovator of the Year in 2018, 2019 to 2022

The German business magazine “Capital” and the online portal for statistics “Statista” have been showcasing the most innovative companies in Germany since 2016. In 2018, the industry and innovation experts ranked InfectoPharm as Innovator of the Year for the first time – a distinction we repeatedly received in the following years.

“The award proves that InfectoPharm is a pioneer when it comes to intelligent products, processes and services.”
Dr. Friedrich Schwandt, Managing Director of Statista

Healthcare profession news

Pharma Trend Deutschland uses opinion polls among physicians to assess the innovative strength and sustainability of pharmaceutical companies. Based on these results, the companies are ranked and three awards are presented every year. In 2016 and 2018, InfectoPharm took first place in all three competitions.

“Golden Tablet” (Goldene Tablette) award from pediatricians and allergologists

Die goldene Tablette 2019This prize has been awarded since 2002. Well in front of other pharmaceutical companies, InfectoPharm has been ranked first by pediatricians repeatedly from the very beginning. Above all, pediatricians value our

  • relevant training services,
  • high-quality products,
  • service to patients, and
  • our broad range of pediatric products.

In 2016, InfectoPharm also won the “Goldene Tablette” award from allergologists.

“Most Innovative Product” award (Das innovativste Produkt)

Pharma Trend innovativstes ProduktThis annual prize is granted on the basis of product efficacy, tolerability and additional benefits compared to previous therapy options. In 2011, two of our products took first and second place respectively: InfectoDexaKrupp® and SalbuBronch®. In 2016, 2017 and 2018, Scabioral®, a product for the skin disease scabies, won most innovative product. In 2019, Slenyto® topped Scabioral®, a mini-tablet to be applied by sleeping disorders of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Quite a remarkable outcome, since Slenyto® had just been on the German market for four months in the relevant time period. Slenyto® won again in 2020 and 2021.

Best pharmaceutical companies

InfectoPharm received this image award in 2016, 2017, 2018, and again in 2020. Pharma Trand beste PharmaunternehmenThe first place in the category “Germany – large sole proprietor, medium-sized and international companies” is a recognition of the company’s overall impact. Criteria such as service quality, transparency, credibility and ethical conduct are just as much part of the assessment as innovation, management quality and business success. In 2019, we came in second.

InfectoPharm is a highly sought-after employer in southern Hesse. Approximately 2520 people are presently working at our headquarters in Heppenheim. Additionally, we offer business administration apprenticeships and internships for pharmaceutical students.

InfectoPharm maintains close ties to the city of Heppenheim. In 2018, we renewed our dedication to the thriving Rhine-Main region and invested heavily in the construction of a state-of-the-art logistics center at a neighboring site.

InfectoPharm also offers a company nursery school: the InKi complements local childcare services and is open to the public.

Since 1991, pediatricians from all over Germany have attended the consilium live to learn more about and exchange notes on a wide range of topics. Today, the consilium live is one of the largest and most successful advanced pediatric training events in Germany.

Check out this video (in German) to see what participants can expect from the consilium live and see how much attention to detail goes into the organization of this event on “the big day”.

InfectoPharm is one of the smallest medium-sized companies in Germany to offer its own nursery school, the InKi. Approximately 30 nursery spots are reserved for employees’ children, the rest are available to the public. The nursery offers both full-time and part-time care options – an attractive asset for our workforce. The InKi is located directly at the company headquarters.

July 2020: Next generation joins the board

The founder Monika Zöller has always played a major role in the company´s development. She took over as Chairperson of the Board in 2012 after the sudden death of her husband Dr. Manfred Zöller. In July 2020, her son Philipp Zöller, member of the Executive Board since 2013, succeeded her. Her son-in-law Michael Gilster also joined the board.

Philipp Zöller – Chairman of the Board/Business Development (pharmacist)
Michael Gilster – Commercial Field/Logistics/IT (industrial engineer)
Dr. Markus Rudolph – Marketing/Sales/International/Communication (pharmacist)
Dr. Aldo Ammendola – Research/Development (biologist)

InfectoPharm Austria

InfectoPharm has been operating an  office in Vienna since September 2017. As a result, many of our established German products are now available on the Austrian market. These include some of our most successful respiratory products and treatments of Scabies.

At present, a team of five staff members is managing the initial portfolio of about 30 products.

InfectoPharm Arzneimittel und Consilium GmbH
Leopold-Ungar-Platz 2/ 1.Stock/ Stiege 2
A-1190 Vienna
Pone: +43 (0) 1 2276065 6060
Fax: +43 (0) 1 2276065 6061


PädiaPädia develops over-the-counter (OTC) medications for children. Like InfectoPharm, Pädia focuses on manufacturing effective and safe products, and adapting them to the needs of young patients. To do so, Pädia collaborates closely with pediatricians, pharmacists and midwives.

As a 100% InfectoPharm subsidiary, Pädia benefits from the parent company’s vast expertise in the field of pediatrics. At the same time, it is expanding the scope of InfectoPharm to include attractive new business areas and models. Needless to say, the quality and safety standards at InfectoPharm also apply to Pädia.

In this way, the two companies complement each other in terms of their market alignment and core competencies.

True to its motto of delivering Health –from the very beginning, Pädia offers medications for newborns and infants. As a trusted partner for parents, Pädia accompanies young patients well into adulthood.