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If only medicine tasted as sweet as cherries…

Finding child-friendly dosage forms that taste good for bitter active ingredients is a pharmacological niche that is simply too small for large corporations. InfectoPharm markets and develops medications that children are happy to take. Our products give known active ingredients a new form that is specifically tailored to children. This promotes therapy adherence and helps young patients recover faster.


Time to act – bacterial resistance in the crosshair

Infections with resistant germs are a serious issue in hospitals around the globe – the number of effective antibiotics available for their management is restricted and not increasing however.

Business Areas

We support hospital physicians with special products, which, even under difficult circumstances, are effective or help to avoid the development of resistance. We particularly focus our attention on infections associated with cystic fibrosis.


So simple and yet so effective – products with unique benefits

Skin diseases are often long-term, unpleasant, visible and thus emotionally stressful conditions, especially for children. Dermatological products from InfectoPharm – e.g. for atopic dermatitis, diaper dermatitis and parasitoses – have proven their value in practice, and have even become the gold standard for certain therapies. They have an added value that goes beyond advancing the existing therapy. For example, our products for exzema are particularly affordable, LomaHerpan® is the only purely herbal remedy for herpes, and Dimet 20® can effectively treat head lice with a minimum exposure time of only 20 minutes.


Breathing freely – asthma control for young and old

Surely many of us know a child who is affected by bronchial asthma, one of the most common chronic diseases in children and adolescents. Asthma often remains a burden for young patients well into adulthood. InfectoPharm asthma products help physicians provide treatment in compliance with the relevant guidelines – and help both children and adults lead symptom-free lives.

Other important respiratory products from InfectoPharm are effective against everyday infections and their symptoms. They are well-tolerated, some are even suitable for very small babies. We offer treatment options for irritable cough, bronchitis, croup and colds.


GeriaSan® – solutions for seniors!

In many cases, medications that help children can also benefit older patients. The InfectoPharm GeriaSan® brand offers senior-friendly solutions in the form of liquid medications, highly valued by patients with dysphagia.

The prevalence of dysphagia is often underestimated, especially in the 65+ age group. Nearly half of nursing-home residents in Germany suffer from swallowing disorders, and the number of unreported cases is likely to be much higher. Liquid dosage forms for dysphagia patients replace difficult to administer tablets and can thereby reduce the risk of aspiration pneumonia – a major relief for affected patients.

At you can learn more about swallowing disorders, etiology, case presentation, diagnostics and suitable medications.